Automatic voltage stabilizer DRII – 5KVA New 2024

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  • Made in Việt Nam
  • Cam kết 100% dây đồng, đủ công suất
  • Bảo hành 04 năm
  • Máy chạy êm, ổn định, tiết kiệm điện
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    Litanda 5KVA DRII voltage stabilizer

    Litanda 5KVA DRII 1-phase voltage stabilizer has input voltage range of 50V-250V, output voltage of 220V and 100V. The machine is manufactured with 100% copper wire, runs smoothly, saves electricity, and has a 4-year warranty.

    With a maximum capacity of 5KVA equivalent to 4KW. The product is only suitable for use in 1 room, or for individual electrical appliances such as air conditioners, electric stoves, etc.

    Outstanding features of Litanda 5KVA DRII voltage stabilizer

    Using the motor regulation principle, helps the voltage to be continuously stable when working.
    Three times safe due to 3-in-1 protection: Overvoltage protection, overload protection, and active power switching.
    The Litanda 5KVA voltage stabilizer model is designed with a beautiful, compact industrial design.
    There is a protection system for overload, short load, short circuit, etc. by Aptomat.
    Auto Reset – automatically returns the carbon brush to a safe position when there is a power outage so there is no fear of electric shock.
    Integrated 2 front sockets for more convenient use.

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    Technical specifications of Litanda 5KVA voltage stabilizer 50V range

    Manufacturer: Litanda
    Made in Viet Nam
    Input voltage: 50V – 250V
    Output voltage: 220V/100V (±1.5~2%)
    Frequency: 49Hz ~: 62Hz
    Impact time: 0.4s when input voltage changes by 10%.
    Capacity: 5000 VA.
    Ambient temperature: -5oC ~ 40oC
    Control principle: 1-way Servo motor.
    Control system: SERVO MOTOR.
    Insulation: greater than 3 MΩ at 500V DC voltage.
    Electrical durability: tested at 1,500 V for 1 minute.
    Litanda 5kva DRII voltage stabilizer has an input voltage range of: 50-250v, so the machine can be used in places with low voltage not exceeding 50V.


    Selling price: excluding VAT (10%)
    Quality: 100% new.
    Delivery method: Free shipping within Hanoi area. For out-of-province customers, after contacting us to place an order, we will transport the voltage stabilizer to the bus station as requested, the bus company pays and we deliver. 100% payment after delivery.
    Warranty: 36 months from date of delivery, within the first 6 months if there is a problem due to the manufacturer, the product will be exchanged for a new one.
    Other types of voltage stabilizers are produced according to orders.
    Online consultation from 8:00 am – 10:00 pm daily (including Saturday and Sunday).
    Genuine Lioa Litanda voltage stabilizer distribution address:

    No. 720, Phuc Dien Street, Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi.

    Hotline: 0986.203.203




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